I’ve been active my entire life, but my journey, like so many others’, has not been linear. The extreme version of my ‘fitness self’ included an extremely regimented and restrictive relationship with the gym and food. It’s a mentality I leaned into, and then away from, more times than I can count.

After years (and years) of obsessing about calories and carbs earned and burned, it was when I had to pause to rehabilitate an injury that I realized how much my mental health was tied up in fitness. And when I finally qualified as a fitness trainer (after years of “somedays”), it just clicked for me that fitness is about so much more than aiming for numbers – on a scale, on a tag, or in a tracking app.

Shortly after gaining my fitness certifications, I grew a little human for 9 months. I LOVED training while pregnant. It felt so empowering to keep my body strong while performing this anatomical miracle. I was so in awe of all that a woman’s body is capable of.

I, like every other woman I know, have been there and done it with exercise and dieting. But I finally know that my best self is the version who feels powerful and positive after exercise. Who feeds my body with good nutrition, but doesn’t deprive my soul of the foods that bring me joy. Who isn’t prepared to sacrifice the quality time (and deliciousness!) that my real life is so rich in to achieve a specific body fat percentage. Who believes that building a strong life adds much more value to myself and my community than trying to shrink myself ever will. 

Before fitness was my profession, I gained, quite literally, a world of experience; in corporate pressures, relationships, injury & recovery, mental wellness, motherhood, and the general complexity of being a woman in the world today. This collection of life experience gives me an unequivocally empathetic approach to my clients, their mindset, and their goals. Consider me not just a fitness coach, but an advocate to help you live your best life.

I can’t wait to work with you!


And when we view fitness as an attitude rather than a body type, it is so much more sustainable and enjoyable.

it is my mission to help other women feel the liberation of these truths.


"Working out with Jen has been a DREAM. She’s motivational and always knows when to give me words of encouragement to push past my mental limits. I always feel like she’s in my corner - when I’m doing great, or when I need a bit of a break. The other day, I picked up a 5-gallon jug of water by myself! This is from the girl who has never been able to do a push up in her LIFE. I’m so glad Jen took me on as a client because I’m learning different ways to love myself through movement every day."

- Louise

After 2 kids, back to work full time and fast approaching 40, I had forgotten to look after myself both physically and mentally. I worked with Jen for three months leading up to my milestone birthday to realign myself. As well getting in shape, Jen gave me the tools I needed to live a healthier, more balanced life that looked after both my mental and physical wellbeing. I would highly recommend working with Jen to reach your goals, she is very supportive and really helped me change my mindset to food and exercise.  


What a brilliant online class with Jen. Full of energy now after a full body workout with some delicious stretches. Highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to feel healthier physically and mentally. She is an excellent trainer and an incredible human being!


Jen’s virtual class was brilliant - full of energy, she kept me pumped & motivated and it didn’t feel repetative at all. The moves were all explained & alternatives were offered if needed. Having a live session with Jen kept me accountable & I worked far harder then I would have done alone!


Articulate, adaptable and easy to follow, Jen’s approach meant that I could channel all my energy into getting as much as possible out of the class, rather than trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. A good rhythm and a great range of exercises with the flexibility to adapt as needed - all combined with constant encouragement led to muscles so warm by the end, I left Jen’s class hungry to sign up for more!

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