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“Bounce back after baby!”“Lose baby weight in 3 weeks!”“Secrets of Hollywood’s most dramatic post-baby bounce backs!” Postpartum bounce back headlines make me want to stick forks in my eyes. WHY is the world so desperate for new moms to look and act like they never even had a child? For many women, having a child […]

Postpartum: looking forward, not bouncing back

June 7, 2021

I heard this quote from one of my favorite people in the entertainment world, Fearne Cotton, while she was being interviewed by one of my favorite people in the fitness world, Joe Wicks, on his podcast. And isn’t it just one of the truest things you’ve ever heard? We talk a lot about ‘consistency’, ‘habits’, […]

Nothing in nature blooms all year round

May 10, 2021

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