The beauty of the human body is its complexity and ability to perform miracles like grow a human. (I mean, wow.) But that same complexity means that everyone is unique and your body responds differently to different stimulus than your friend’s/colleague’s/favorite celebrity’s. A one size fits all approach to fitness isn’t for everyone, and every woman physiologically, sustainably, cannot look like one body type. That’s just science. A personalized training program sets your health and wellness as the focal point, and lets the rest of the industry noise fade into the background. 

Mom.entum fitness classes and personal training will deliver a mix of high energy cardio and resistance training in the formats of interval training, circuits, hypertrophy weight training. We will always include a warm up and cool down stretch and appropriate core and pelvic floor work. We also advocate incorporation of low intensity activities like walking, yoga, restorative breath work and meditation on a regular basis, responsive to your body’s needs and balance.

We are busy people. Workouts won’t be longer than 45 minutes, and they won’t be every day. 

1:1 clients receive all workout plans and communication personally.

My mom.entum package clients will utilize an app to receive all workout plans and trainer communication.

Group mom.entum (virtual) clients will join workouts via Zoom link.

‘Results’ are subjective. But consistency is key. Make small, sustainable changes in your daily lifestyle and habits, and the momentum that generates will lead to long-term improvements in physical and mental health. Go hard or go home isn’t our style. In order for something to ‘work’, you have to keep doing it. And if you’re going to keep doing it, you have to like what you’re doing. 

In our humble opinion, having a baby isn’t something to bounce back from. Your body spent almost a whole year growing a brand new human, and making remarkable (seen and unseen) physiological adaptations to do so. By showing respect to your incredible body and the process it’s just gone through, we will build strength, confidence, fitness, and good nutritional habits to last. It won’t happen overnight. But it will be sustainable.  

Mom.entum fitness founder and Head Coach Jennifer Langford is a Level 3 NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, and a Level 3 NASM Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist. 

We get it. Sometimes life happens. If you must cancel a program at any point after it’s begun, Mom.entum will pro-rate the balance due and refund for services not rendered.

Unprecedented times, indeed. Mom.entum Fitness abides by all CDC guidance, including social distancing of at least 6 feet wherever possible and holding in-person sessions outdoors. In circumstances where social distancing is not possible (for example tactile form correction), trainer will wear a face covering.

In person clients are asked to bring their own mat for hygiene purposes. A sanitizing kit is brought to all in-person sessions and any equipment that is property of Mom.entum Fitness is sanitized before and after each workout. Clients are reminded not to touch their face and encouraged to use hand sanitizer before and after workouts.

All virtual programs and coaching is good to go! My Mom.entum clients who use a gym or shared facility to perform their independent workouts are subject to that facility’s requirements and COVID protocols.

What kind of exercise can I expect?

Why a personalized training program?

How long are the workouts?

If I purchase a program, in what format do I receive my workouts?

How can I get the best results?

Do you have a post-partum bounce back program?

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What if I purchase a product but can’t complete the full program for medical or personal reasons?

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"Working out with Jen has been a DREAM. She’s motivational and always knows when to give me words of encouragement to push past my mental limits. I always feel like she’s in my corner - when I’m doing great, or when I need a bit of a break. The other day, I picked up a 5-gallon jug of water by myself! This is from the girl who has never been able to do a push up in her LIFE. I’m so glad Jen took me on as a client because I’m learning different ways to love myself through movement every day."

- Louise

After 2 kids, back to work full time and fast approaching 40, I had forgotten to look after myself both physically and mentally. I worked with Jen for three months leading up to my milestone birthday to realign myself. As well getting in shape, Jen gave me the tools I needed to live a healthier, more balanced life that looked after both my mental and physical wellbeing. I would highly recommend working with Jen to reach your goals, she is very supportive and really helped me change my mindset to food and exercise.  


What a brilliant online class with Jen. Full of energy now after a full body workout with some delicious stretches. Highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to feel healthier physically and mentally. She is an excellent trainer and an incredible human being!


Jen’s virtual class was brilliant - full of energy, she kept me pumped & motivated and it didn’t feel repetative at all. The moves were all explained & alternatives were offered if needed. Having a live session with Jen kept me accountable & I worked far harder then I would have done alone!


Articulate, adaptable and easy to follow, Jen’s approach meant that I could channel all my energy into getting as much as possible out of the class, rather than trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. A good rhythm and a great range of exercises with the flexibility to adapt as needed - all combined with constant encouragement led to muscles so warm by the end, I left Jen’s class hungry to sign up for more!


Training while pregnant is one of the most empowering experiences! Being equipped with the knowledge and confidence to stay strong and active during pregnancy is a game changer for your mental and physical prenatal health. Get this handy little guide to learn what exercises should be safely modified during each trimester of your pregnancy!



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